Our Services

The Carers Hub exists to improve the life of carers in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent through tailored advice, training and information.

Our services are designed with you and your needs as a carer in mind and cover a whole range of support for carers of all ages:

  • Carers Assessments
  • Support planning
  • Social & health services
  • Money
  • Employment
  • Skills
  • Housing
  • Mental Health
  • Learning Disability
  • Health e.g. Carers of Stroke victims
  • Transport
  • Well being
  • Facilitating social activities

You can access our Carers Hub services in person at our two main offices, run by local teams - one in Stoke-on-Trent, and one in Staffordshire. We also have a number of community venues across Stoke & Staffordshire.

Once you get referred to us, you will be invited to complete the Carers Assessment which allows us to understand your needs as a carer and the support you need from us. You will then be allocated an Adviser who will be your main contact at The Carers Hub. They will work with you to create a care support plan to meet your individual needs.

We can help you to access specialist support from our local partners and organisations as needed, as well as advise you on local volunteering opportunities.

How we can support

The most appropriate type of support for you will be determined following your Carers Assessment. Here are our standard types of support available:

  • Face-to-face in our 2 permanent centres in Stafford and Birches Head 
  • Local support across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent in over 20 locations for an agreed appointment or scheduled events
  • Peer support – facilitating opportunities for you to engage with other carers in online and offline support groups
  • Group-based support – enabling you to build positive relationships and share experiences with other carers in our locations
  • Telephone and online-based support – our website will be updated frequently with the latest news and information you need to make your life as a carer easier. Visit our contact page for more info
  • We’ll be running support workshops and events for you to get to know other carers in your area and an provide an opportunity for you to support each other.

Your Feedback Matters

Our service is designed to suit your needs as a carer. Please get in touch with any comments or feedback on our service to let us know how we can help you best in your caring role.