Volunteering Opportunities

​Volunteers make a huge difference to Carer’s Lives​​

​​There are many different ways that you can help to support the Carers Hub and our Carers. If you can spare us a few hours a week then here are just a few of the opportunities we have to volunteer with us.

As a volunteer with the Carers Hub, you will become a valuable part of our team and as such you will receive all the training and support that you need to fulfil your role. There will be an opportunity for you to develop your skills and to access many internal courses alongside the paid employees.​​

​​There are opportunities for you to volunteer at both the Stafford and Hanley offices, but there are also many chances for you to support carers within your own community at almost 100 locations within Stoke-on-Trent, and Staffordshire.

Please be aware that all volunteers with The Carers Hub are subject to a DBS check and we will ask you for 2 references. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.​​

If you feel that you can help us in any other way, please come forward and make the suggestion.

Our volunteering opportunities

Volunteer Group Facilitator. Could you give a few hours a week to support one of our Groups?

We have a great number of support groups in and around Staffordshire and we need the support of professional, but approachable people to support a group that is close to them. Our support groups are a chance for carers to have a well earned break with other carers, as well as receiving invaluable support and advice from one of The Carers Hub team and guest speakers.

As a volunteer you will ensure that anyone who is coming along to one of our groups for the first time is greeted by a friendly person who will support them until they are settled. You will make light conversation with everyone and make sure that they have refreshments etc. You will also be able to join in with some fun activities and meet many interesting people.

Information Point Volunteer. Help us to get our message out to the people who need us.

We are setting up information points around the whole of Staffordshire, within prime locations, such as Pharmacists, shops, schools, banks and many other locations in order to raise awareness of us and the services we provide.

We need the support of volunteers who are comfortable talking about our services to members of the public and professionals who come along to our information points.

Information Point Volunteers will also take the de​tails of anyone who may like to be referred into The Carers Hub and hand out literature.

Young Carers Volunteer Play Worker

As a volunteer play worker you will help to support our Young Carers who are from 5 years of age upwards. You will join in with many inside and outside activities and accompany them on trips.

You will need to be able to help maintain discipline within the group but also to be able to encourage a fun environment for the Young carers for a couple of hours.

Support an isolated carer with a phone call as a Telephone Befriender

Could you spare a few hours to offer friendship and support over the telephone to someone who is otherwise isolated in their own home?

Many carers become both physically and emotionally isolated from the outside world, having very little time for themselves to see friends or follow an interest.

As a telephone Befriender you will offer support with a weekly telephone call which will allow the Carer to talk about the pressures of their role, the issues that have come up in a week or just discuss the soaps with someone who has an empathetic ear and a non-judgemental disposition.

As a Telephone Befriender you will make an enormous difference to our Carers, helping them immeasurably to cope with the pressures of the caring role.

Ring a rounder Volunteer - Sometimes all a person needs is a little encouragement.....

The Carers Hub has many activities and groups for informal carers, but sometimes Carers need a little reminder or encouragement to come along.

Our Ring-a-rounder volunteers are essential to the success of these groups because Carers have very busy lives and so often need reminding about an activity.

We need someone who is comfortable talking on the phone to give our Carers a little reminder a couple of days before a group or activity, and to encourage them to come along, helping them to overcome any obstacles they may be facing.

Information Pack Collators and Mail Shot Supporters

Volunteers are needed to help us keep on top of the constant need for information packs and to help with the administration and distribution of our magazines and other literature. This role is a non-IT based admin role. It is office based and there are opportunities to assist with other administrative tasks, such as filing, shredding and photocopying.

It is essential that we provide new Carers with the information and contact details they require and for this we need a constant supply of information packs and literature. We also need support when we send out our newsletter and information about events as this is always a mammoth task.

Administrative Support / Computer Inputting

In order for us to efficiently deliver our many services, it is imperative that administrative systems and files are kept up to date with the relevant information so that our advisers can co-ordinate their support to an individual person.

We need volunteer administrators to assist our busy advisers by keeping our filing systems in order, keeping an ongoing stock of the forms and other paperwork and helping put together and post letters and other correspondence, as well as shredding and photocopying.

A number of different administrative roles are available to suit all levels of knowledge and experience, from the more basic support up to more complex systems and procedures.

For IT support we need volunteers who are comfortable with WORD and EXCEL, POWERPOINT, OUTLOOK and other Microsoft Office programmes who can help us to produce and maintain forms, events calendars and distribution lists.

Data Inputter

In order for us to efficiently deliver our many services to the Carers we support, it is imperative that our client database is kept up to date.

As a volunteer data inputter you will to assist our busy advisers by keeping our Carers contact information current and logging onto the system phone calls and visits that have been made to Carers, as well as keeping a record of the groups that they have attended. This can involve quite complex inputting procedures.

Receptionist needed to support The Hub

Although we are reaching out to our Carers in their own community, it is important that we also offer them the chance to come to one of our 2 Hubs. The Hubs are located within Hanley and Stafford.

We need the support of a volunteer to help us to greet all visitors to both Hubs as well as answering incoming telephone calls.

As a volunteer receptionist you will ensure that all visitors are greeted by a friendly person who will direct them to whoever they are here to see and make sure that they have refreshments etc.

Coming soon.....

Volunteer Advocates

We are currently developing a volunteer led, informal advocacy service.

There are many times when a carer would benefit from some morale support at a meeting, help to make decisions about their caring role, or to be able to voice their needs and concerns to professionals.

If you are interested in offering one of our carers independent and non-judgemental support to help them to make their own choices and have their views, opinions and concerns heard by others then please get in touch with us.

As an informal advocate you will receive full training from a fully qualified advocacy professional and ongoing support with your role.

Face to Face Befriending

Very soon we will be developing our Befriending project to included face to face support with carers. This may involve sharing a cuppa in a coffee shop or a bit of window shopping. We hope that as well as offering a carer emotional support, it will offer them the chance to get out of the house for an hour in good company.

What our volunteers have to say


I have recently started volunteering at the Carers Hub. I am initially helping with administration tasks as I have a background of secretarial work, but my role will develop over the coming months as I get to know the work of the Carers Hub better.

I currently have a part-time job but I wanted to do something worthwhile with the rest of my free time. I have had issues with anxiety for many years, especially in new situations, but I believe that my confidence has already grown in the short time that I have been volunteering. It has enabled me to meet people, make new friends and also learn new skills.

Volunteers can make a real difference to a carer’s life

Being a carer is a very demanding role, physically and mentally, and can lead to a person feeling isolated and suffering physical and mental ill-health themselves.

Very often the smallest and simplest things can make all the difference to a carer.

If you could spare a few hours a week to support someone in their caring role, or to help us to reach out to carers in need then please get in touch with our Volunteer Co-ordinator for an informal chat..

Sarah Wilson,​

​Volunteer Co-ordinator.
0330 1231937​ / ​ 07894 598387.